Jumat, 20 November 2015

Umalas Beauty

Umalas is one of the most popular areas to stay for western tourists and expats. Close to the famous Canggu Club and Brawa Beach, and only 15 minutes to the chic Seminyak, this cute hotel has 20 guest rooms, a spa room, a massage room, 15m x 6m swimming pool, and a restaurant.
Located in a quiet street, guests staying here will enjoy peace and comfort.
With an average room size of 35m2, you can get a really good daily rent rate here in Umalas - much better than most 3 star hotels in Kuta.
Launched only 24 months ago, this newy hotel is now available for you to take over.

Status: Freehold
Land Size: 1000m2
Guest Rooms: 20 (5m x 7m)
Pool: 1 (15m x 6m)
Permit: Guest House
Electricity: 6600 Watts
Generator: Catepillar
Price: IDR 21 billion
[down from IDR 22 billion]

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