Kamis, 19 November 2015

Hotel - for a Serious Buyer


Step out of the hotel, and you're surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafes, gift stalls...

Strategically located in the busiest part of the business district in Kuta, this hotel is very popular to visitors and business people alike - who want to be close to everything, literally!

Airport is only 10 minutes away, and the most popular gift giant "Krishna" - located on the same main street, is only a short minutes drive.

Though the current owner positions it as a budget hotel, he ensures comfort of his guests by providing high quality beds, sheets and bedding.

This 91 room hotel has 6 floors including the basement. Opened only in February 2013, this newy peoperty is now ready for you to take over.

Status: Freehold
Land Size: 1075m2
Building Size: 4000m2 (approximately)
Rooms: 91
Levels: 6
Price: IDR 105 billion

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